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New Radio Spots: Know Who to Call in an Emergency

Posted on by Branch Contractors

Here at Branch, we consider it our mission to ensure locals know who to trust in an emergency. We recently launched two new radio spots about just that. In our first spot, we invite locals to imagine the very real possibility of waking up and rolling out of bed, but instead of finding slippers there’s only the unmistakable sound and feel of water. If that happens, it’s important to know who to call¬†that very instant. Since getting online to lookup a number might not be possible, it might be a good move to go ahead and put our number in your phone now just in case. We can immediately take care of the problem while you go about your normal day, and our methods ensure no mold forms and there’s no other long-term damage. That’s peace of mind, and that’s the Branch Difference.

You can listen to this new “go to work” radio spot by clicking the below button:
Go To Work Radio Spot

In our next spot, we paint the all-too-common picture of a tree falling on your house during a storm while you’re away on vacation. No one wants to get that phone call from their neighbor. What do you do? Fortunately, they’ll tell you, “Don’t worry, I’ve called Branch Emergency Services – enjoy the rest of your vacation!” Imagine that! Imagine the Branch Difference, and you’ll understand why more Athens-area residents put our number in their phones BEFORE something unpredictable happens.

You can hear this new “vacation” spot by clicking the below button:

Stay on Vacation Radio Spot

We hope by now you’ve got a good idea of who to call when disaster strikes. Call us 24/7 at 706-310-0097, or better yet Contact Us to set up your pre-emergency walkthrough.¬†After all, there’s no reason that an accident should become an emergency!