What Would You Do?

Posted on by Branch Contractors

This weekend Branch Contractors, Inc. participated in the Athens Area Home Builders Association’s annual Home and Garden Show at the Classic Center in downtown Athens. This year, our theme was What Would You Do? as we focused on the Fire, Water, and Storm Damage Emergency Services that we provide.

What would you do if you were on vacation and your neighbor called to tell you that a large tree has fallen onto your roof? In that moment of panic who do you call, and, more importantly, who do you trust? You are 10 hours away and you don’t want just anyone going to your house to remove the tree from your roof and secure your home, but it has to be done.

What would you do if you woke up at 5:00 am to start your busy day only to find that your toilet had been overflowing for hours? Who would you call? A stranger in the yellow pages?

Wouldn’t it make you feel better to know you already have a plan in place so that you are prepared for the “what ifs” in life? I know I would. Call us today to request more information about our Emergency Response Program or read more about it on our website. With this program, you simply preregister with our company and should you ever need our services, we will be able to respond to your emergency immediately without have to get contact and site information from you.

With spring storms around the corner and vacations being planned, we should all be prepared for when disaster strikes. I sure hope you all stay safe and sound, but let’s be prepared just in case.