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Saturday afternoon we received an emergency service water damage call. The customer stated that his family had been gone for several hours and, upon their return, had found water to be in the majority of their home. Three bedrooms, the dining room, living room and bathroom all had standing water. The source was an improperly functioning toilet valve. [See: Where is the Shut-Off Valve?] Unfortunately, our customer had an abrupt change of plans, but fortunately, he did not have to spend the rest of his evening extracting water from his home. Instead, he knew just what to do: he called us. We had actually performed a near mirror image water damage repair job for this same customer about 4 years prior.

Upon arrival, he had already stopped the water flow and begun vacuuming some of the surface water. We began our typical, strategic attack to efficiently and quickly remove the water from the structure. There were five of our staff, and we divided into three crews. One crew moved furniture and clothes, the other pulled out all of the severely damaged carpet pad and laminate wood flooring, and our fifth man focused on extracting the water.

Once all water and damaged materials were removed, we collectively set up the fans and dehumidifiers. We reset some of the major furniture and the TV so that our customer could at least have a place to sit and maintain a sense of normalcy.

This is a very typical water damage situation that we face time and time again. Many times, something as small as a toilet valve can create havoc. I wish I could give advice or create a maintenance plan to keep these things from occurring. For some things, I can, but for others, accidents happen. When they do, all you can do is be prepared. If this havoc were to happen to you, would you know what to do?

I am grateful that this customer chose to call us again. I am also extremely grateful that my team performed with such quality and customer service.

Whether it’s water damage or a related issue, Call Branch Emergency Services and we will take care of everything with excellence. We strive to leave you and your home better than we found it!


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