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The Story Behind Our Emergency Response Program

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Last summer, on a Saturday afternoon a severe thunderstorm came through Bishop. I was at home, at the time and thought I was in a tornado. While I was watching the storm through the window, I saw the intense wind peeling shingles off of my roof in sheets and within minutes water was dripping from my ceiling and light fixtures. The intensity of the storm only lasted for a few minutes and once it slowed down enough, I was on the roof and tarping the areas that were missing shingles. Once the tarps were in place, I went into the attic and began removing insulation, knowing that it was holding water and would eventually collapse my ceiling. With our already busy schedules, I knew that replacing damaged sheetrock would be a huge inconvenience to my family.

As I was removing the wet insulation from my attic, I began to think of what others would do if faced with this same situation. I know that most people would likely be at the mercy of whomever they could find in the phone book or on the internet which could work, but would that company really be concerned about limiting the damage to your home and making sure your family is safe? I realized the need for the services my Emergency Team provides. Having one group that can competently handle the entire process from start to finish is almost invaluable when emergency repairs are needed. Instances like these have happened from time to time in my own life and each time it reminds me how vulnerable people really are when it comes to having emergency repairs made at their home. I decided that people need a plan so that they are not caught off guard if something like this should happen. For me, with a wife and little girl, it’s important to know that the person that comes into my home is trustworthy and would treat my home and my family with respect and integrity. I wouldn’t want to be another number or just another job on the list but rather, I would want to know that the person in my home had a connection to me. The only way I could know this would be if I had taken the time get to know my emergency services and repair team.

With this thought, I have implemented an Emergency Response Program. This program is designed with helping you in mind. I want families to have the opportunity to meet my Emergency Services Team and get to know them. We also want to know about you as well so that should you need us, we will be responding to assist a friend. If something were to happen when you were out of town, wouldn’t it give you peace of mind in knowing that you had previously met the Team working in your home instead of being limited to a stranger.

So, I encourage you to take the time now, before the need arises and check us out. You can stop by, set an appointment or fill out our Program Information Card and we will contact you. There is no fee to register and we have nothing to sell you.

If the need ever arises, call someone you know, call Branch Contractors, Inc.


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