The Branch Contractors Difference

The benefit of working with the Branch team is our steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction. For years we have proven to our customers that we will not be outworked and that we will rise to any challenge. We will always find the answer, and we will never break stride while working to solve your problems. We are the solution you need, guaranteed.


What We Do

We are prepared for any disaster that comes your way. 24 hours, every day, our team is prepared to mobilize to your location and take care of your problem. If it’s water damage, we remove the water and dry the furniture and the structure. If it’s storm damage, we remove trees that may have fallen onto your property or simply patch the roof (whatever necessary to make sure that it is safe and that the damage will not worsen). If it’s fire or smoke damage, we remove smoke and soot so that the odor and stains do not become permanent and we also perform a security board-up service to make sure your property is protected. In case you lose power, we are equipped to connect you to one of our generators so that you can comfortably remain in your home while repairs are being made.

Once the emergency has passed, the Branch Contractors team will completely rebuild your property to better than its pre-damage condition, ensuring that when the repairs are complete there will be no sign that anything ever happened. We do this with unmatched quality.

Our extensive restoration experience makes Branch Contractors a prime choice for new construction as well. We know exactly how to build your new home or office, and we strive to make it outlast even the dirt we build it on.


How we deliver

Our broad knowledge of every aspect of building envelopes and components allows us to anticipate, and plan for, the unknowns. The Branch Contractors team is comprised of a very diverse group with unique talents and experiences; this diversity gives us the “edge” in delivering a product of excellence!

We begin every day with a thorough review of your project. This review is comprised of your estimator, production coordinator, project manager and job-site foreman. The details discussed in this meeting begin with the previous day’s production status, the status of any material orders, special requests or changes, financial status and plan for that day. This keeps everyone in the loop, minimizes miscommunication, and eliminates the problems of poor planning.

Our trucks are fully stocked with over 350 individual tool and material categories. This means that if an emergency arises during the day, each truck is prepared to handle it. With our extensive inventory system we virtually remove mid-day tool and material supply issues, therefore increasing our efficiency and allowing us to stay on the job and away from the supply store.


What We Believe

We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to treat you, our customer, like we would treat our own families. This means being there when you need us, taking care of your property like we would care for our own, and above all doing the job right and keeping the area clean.

We believe that how we do our work is a reflection of our personal character and therefore delivering anything less than absolute excellence to you would be a personal shame to our team. We understand that whether it is home or business, we are working in your environment. We take extra precautions to ensure that we care for you and everything associated with your property that you hold dear.

Our belief that we do all things as if we were doing them unto the Lord keeps us in check, and this is the backbone of our business and work ethic which assures that we perform with excellence.