David Branch

We all get stuck in a rut now and again. It’s how we get out that defines us.

Posted on by Branch Contractors

Like many business owners, I began with the intention and focus of being my own boss and making more money. After all, some say that is the “American Dream,” and, to a degree, it can be. Simply from my upbringing, I knew that in order to be successful, hard work would be the key component. After all, hard work is very uncommon in today’s America. For me, keeping a heavy workload has never been a huge issue. How to keep up with the workload was the biggest problem. So, as I needed help, I would simply hire the next warm body to “help” me get more work accomplished. However, what almost always happened was I would spend extra time and money correcting their mistakes. Although the final product would be acceptable, it would come with a decreased profit and an increased stress load. Then the cycle begins, sort of like debt. It starts off as a small problem or a temporary state that I would address and “fix” as soon as I got a chance. But, with an increasing workload and a decreasing profit, I could not afford to take the necessary time to correct the negative path I was on. After a while, that miserable condition I had put myself in sort of became a way of life. Sort of like an old worn out boot: it hurts to wear and will cause long-term damage, but you keep wearing it because it somehow seems like a part of you. That said, things are now going great and I’m proud of my team.

Have you gotten stuck in a cycle at work or with any other part of life, and, although you know it’s destructive, you just keep pressing on?