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Don’t skip the roof inspection.

Posted on by Branch Contractors

Lately, we have had some exceptionally constant winds with strong gusts but no rain. Time for a roof inspection. Although we could really use the rain right now, while your shingles are being peeled off by the wind is typically not the most desirable time for the drops to fall.  The past few days may not have been considered a storm, but it could have set you up for a mess later.  Take a few minutes to walk around your house and look for any missing shingles, or any that may be pulled loose or look to be raised up.  Also, take a look in the yard for any shingles that may have fallen to the ground.  I know many of you are extremely busy and may rarely even see your house in the daylight, but, believe me; a quick roof inspection is worth the time it will take. It is better to make sure now than to let the rain storm show you different later.

When was the last time you performed a quick roof inspection, or actually walked around the perimeter of your home, for that matter?


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