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Mold inspector or construction repair company, who should you call? With Branch, you’re calling both.

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Many times when I am called to perform mold inspections, the building owner or tenant has no idea what is causing the mold or how far the damage extends. Often, I am called to inspect for mold and discover that the mold present is a result of a leaking water line or plumbing fixture, such as a toilet, shower, or water heater. When this is the case, the project is as much as, or more, a construction project as it is an environmental project. This situation typically requires two separate companies to handle everything. This is one situation that our customers benefit by using the Branch companies. Although Branch Environmental, Inc. and Branch Contractors, Inc. are separate entities and have different team members ( including our mold inspectors), the two companies are based out of the same building, have a close relationship, and collaborate to create the best repair and remediation plan that is easy and convenient to accomplish. The two companies are set up individually so that each team can concentrate its training and energy to excelling in its specialized field.

So no matter what your concern or need may be, the Branch companies are specialized to handle it. We invite you to read a popular post our friends at Branch Environmental wrote on this very topic:


Who would you call: the environmentally-connected repair company or the construction-based environmental company? If you call Branch, both worlds are covered.