Georgia Connector Magazine Features Branch: “Small Business Booms” Section

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Georgia Connector Branch featureWe are proud to announce that Branch Contractors is featured in the latest edition of Georgia Connector Magazine. It is an honor to be one of only three companies featured in the “Small Business Booms” Oconee section. Thank you, Georgia Connector, and thanks as always to all our loyal customers that made this possible. We always appreciate the opportunity to tell our story and share our thoughts on what it takes to succeed in the Oconee community.

There are tremendous opportunities in Oconee for disciplined, hard-working companies that prize quality and service above all.  In the article, our President & CEO David Branch offers his thoughts on what led Branch to success, and what can help other business grow, too:

“Practice slow, steady growth that you can sustain or maintain on a cash basis, don’t borrow money to grow where you may end up doing things or making promises that aren’t great ideas.”

David also attributes the company’s success to lessons learned from influential books, including Good to Great and Flawless Execution.

According to David, Good to Great states that the one thing keeping a company from being great is being really good. When companies feel comfortable, it keeps them from feeling great.”

Flawless Execution made David ask himself, “Why can’t we train our employees to have the same skill level or trust or accountability level as an Air Force pilot who flies a $30 million plane across the sky? It taught [me] to thoroughly plan everything, debrief after each project, discuss all mistakes, all the good things [we] did, as well as the lessons learned from the projects.”

To see the rest of the interview, please view the article or check out page 43 of the full magazine:

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