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Are you prepared in case of a fire?

Posted on by Branch Contractors

No one wants to think about a fire occurring, especially at home. However, the fact is sometimes they do, and fire preparation is extremely important.  Are you prepared if it were to happen to you? Where do you keep your fire extinguisher(s), and have you ever used one?  Is the handling of it second nature? Because figuring it out during panic mode is not the best way to ensure that your skills are solid.

For me, I like to be prepared. I keep a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, in the hall closet, and one in my bedroom.  Why so many?  Because fires don’t usually occur when you are carrying an extinguisher with you, but rather when you are sleeping, cooking, or otherwise distracted.  Why the bedroom? Because you need to be able to fight your way out, or even to a child’s bedroom. You don’t want a fire between you and a child with the extinguisher on the other side of the fire.

Are you prepared?


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