What are your favorite kinds of things to read?

Cookbooks. I have a large cookbook library and am constantly adding to it. My favorites are vintage cookbooks from antique stores and estate sales. I especially love finding cookbooks with notes from the original owner inside.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Cooking, baking, running, riding bikes and working in my yard.

Do you have a favorite vacation destination?

Any beach, anywhere, but I can also frequently be found in the North Carolina mountains hoping to be snowed in or getting away from the summer heat.

What is your favorite thing about the work you do with Branch?

Baking the Christmas gift baskets and year round dessert cups that we send out to our customers.

If you had to name one thing that makes Branch just a little different, what would it be?

Our commitment to excellence. We will not consider a project finished until complete satisfaction by both the customer and Branch Contractors, Inc. is accomplished.