Tell us a little about the work you do with Branch?

My current position is that of Estimator. I am usually the initial point of contact with the customer. I meet with the customer and determine their needs along with the best possible repair methods to achieve those needs. I inspect and provide an estimate of repairs to the customer and coordinate with the Insurance carriers, if involved.

What are some of the things that Branch Contractors, Inc. does to complete projects efficiently and give the best customer service possible?

We start each day with a production meeting to better manage our projects and better utilize our workers and subs. Everyone has input to better manage and complete our projects more efficiently. We treat every project as if we were working on our own home or building. We "listen" to our customers and provide them with the knowledge to make informed and cost effective decisions.

What do you see as your three greatest strengths?

I feel my three greatest strengths are my 34 years’ experience in the insurance claims business. I am very organized and detail oriented. I have developed the skill of being good listener in order to better serve our customer and meet their specific needs.

What is your general approach to problem solving?

I try to accurately identify the problem and then draw on multiple resources for as many potential solutions as possible. I then analyze and make the best possible decision to most cost effectively address the problem.